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Guild Message of the Day - May 24th
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Red Team News

By: Habitat - July 11th

Firelands enduces rage. Red Team topples Baleroc's gate and more. News at 11.

Red Team continues to flex it's proverbial muscles at the minions of Ragnaros. After drinking a nice hot cup of RAGE the Red Team forces knocked on Balerocs gate. Habitat attempted to negotiate terms of surrender with Bale. Negotiations broke down when Ashiya found out his cloth drops had no Spirit and raged. After refusing to open, Demolitionist expert Ashiya proceeded to forgo using her usual dynamite and C4 in order to knock down the gate. Ashiya huffed, and puffed and blew the little half demon fiery piggy thing's gate down. Sadly, two Hellhounds were harmed from the flying debris of the gate.


Once the path to Ragnaros's keep was clear Red Team forces marched right up to the entrance of Sulfuron Keep, only to be slowed down by Majordomo Staghelm. Little did Staghelm know, Red Team had snipers positioned in the nearby cliffs. The fight was short and sweet and while Staghelm put up a bit of a fight he went down none the less. Bloodysewati took vengance for the horrible disfiguration of Hamuul Runetotem.


Their path clear, Red Team marched into Sulfuron Keep, determined to bring Ragnaros to justice.


Baleroc Loot:

Bloodysewati -             Breastplate of Incendiary Soul

SatonakaShatterskull Bonecrusher



Staghelm Loot:

Silverbolt - Mantle of the Fiery Conqueror = Immolation Shoulderguards

Ashiya - Flowform Choker

Kiaara - The Hungerer

By: Habitat - July 10th

Red Team welcomes transfers from Azshara.

We would like to welcome all the new folks form Azshara to Mug'thol (and RT)! Please welcome Seruni, Jukai, Shuugo, Xamd, Eizen, and Dende to our fold. Looking forward to many good times and plenty of LARPing along the way. Included is a small group photo of them before they left Azshara.          



  • Seruni: I'm the one on the far right. :D
By: Habitat - July 7th

Aerial attack on Firelands deemed "Great Success"! President Clinton announces "Mission Acomplished".


As Red Team made it's way deeper into the bowels of Firelands claiming a victory over Ragnaros's subordinate Rhyolith, everything seemed to be under control - or so it was thought. While Red Team has been making great strides in controlling the ground battles, Ragnaros revealed a weapon of unimaginable destruction: The fearsome firehawk Alysrazor! Alysrazor took to the skies and proceeded to bombard Red Team forces immediately. Wasting no time Red Team answered with an areial force of it's own. Senior Airman Habitat and Airman First Class Thannatos deployed from the Red Team encampment at the Ride of Ancient Flame.

Flying in at mach speeds the dog fight was fought over Shatterstone. Alysrazor put up a good fight, destroying several Red Team fighters but in the end was outmatched and indeed out flown by the advanced F-22 Raptors flown by Thannatos and Habitat. After wounding the beast she fell from the skies where Red Team ground forces were able to snuff out Alysrazor's flame once and for all.




Habitat - Leggings of Billowing Fire

Satonaka - Moltenfeather Leggings

By: Ashiya - July 4th

Bye Bye, Lord Rhy

Oh look, Red Team's invasion into the Firelands was successful. Yay us!

P.S. Our tank solo'd him.

Loot: Satonaka - Dreadfire Drape

By: Habitat - June 30th



Hello ladies how are you? Fantastic. Look at your gear. Now back to me, now back at your gear. Now back to me. Sadly it isn't like mine. But if you switched to raiding with Red Team  and quit pugging every night your gear could be like mine. Look down, back up. Where are you? You're on a boat with the guildie you could be raiding with. What's in your hand? Back at me. It's what I have it's the epic that you've always wanted. Look again, the epics are now LEGENDARIES. Anything is possible when you raid with Red Team! I'm on a kodo.

  • Seruni: I lol'd.
  • Shuugo: this is great <3
By: Habitat - June 30th

What goes well with Firelands? BBQ!

As Red Team continued to lay waste to hordes of fiery aberrations across the Molten Fields a furious battle horn was blown. Approaching was Shannox, Ragnaros's chief hunter and kennel master. Red Team wasted no time splitting Shannox from his precious Hellhounds and proceeded to rip apart Riplimb and demolished Rageface... After a hard fought battle Red Team stood victorious against one of Ragnaros's most feared Flamewalkers! Let me tell you guys nothing smells quite as good as a fresh boss kill. Well, BBQ smells just as good or better. What do you throw on the BBQ? Maybe some beef, chicken and of course you can't forget the 'dogs:


Habitat - Crystal Prison Band

Bloodysewati -                      Gloves of Disolving Smoke

By: Habitat - June 30th

Behold the might of the Horde!

Citizens and allies of the Horde, Red Team has struck the first decisive blow to the armies of Ragnaros! Red Team has begun to lay waste to that which is attempting to destroy Hyjal and the World Tree.

The first battle was fought with Beth'Thilac. The fiery spider fled at the sight of Red Team approaching it's webbed nest and attempted to flee. Before another skitter could be taken Blood Guard Thannatos called in Web Team 6 and they proceeded to cut off Beth by rappelling down from some X-52 Touring Rockets. While Web Team 6 dealt with the foe above Red Team made sure to push on the ground forces and cleared a safe landing for our aerial force to secure the brood mother. No pictures of Beth were provided for the public as this was a covert operation. Beth's body was disposed at sea as per Ragnarothian religious rules.

Here is an artists' rendition of Red Team in action:


Bloodysewati - Cinderweb Leggings

Trington - Funeral Pyre

By: Habitat - June 27th

First night of raids.

First night of raiding on Red Team and we took out BoT, BWD and TotFW. Still looking for two healers for our core 10 man so we can stop pugging people. We didn't take screens but here is a link to the armory:

GG to all who were involved many titles were given to pugs.

Also, here is a video of my Hunter Dancing. Enjoy.

By: Ashiya - June 23rd

Red Team Relaunch

Welcome lurkers, trolls and other internet-dwelling creatures! You stumbled upon Red Team's (hopefully temporary) home.


Potential recruits and curious onlookers should check our forums for more information about the guild. Current members should "thank" Cassi for demanding a website/forums. Go ahead and register so you can spam up the forums.

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